How to Take Care of Dogs

How to Take Care of Dogs

Samsungifa2011 – For those of you who have pets in the house like dogs, of course you need to take good care of them. The treatment of puppies, adult dogs and pregnant bitches requires different special treatments.

Here is a full review of how to take care of a dog.

How to take care of a dog for beginners

For those of you new to dog breeding, here are some tips you can apply before and after bringing your dog home (How To Care For A Dog For Beginners), namely:

1. Safe house

The first way to take care of a dog is to make sure that your home is safe for dogs. Before you bring any puppies home, you need to make sure that your home is safe for them. Get rid of items that could potentially harm the dog, such as cleaning products or sharp objects. If you want to limit your space with the dog, buy a fence that is typically used for babies.

2. Dog equipment

First of all, you need to determine the permitted areas for the dog. Then, it provides the dog with a special space to eat, sleep, and enough space to play.

– We recommend that you place dog food in the kitchen area or another near the washing area, or easy to find for the dog.
– If your garden does not have a fence, make sure you have enough space in the house for him to play.

3. Food

The type of dog and also the age will determine the portion and content of the food. For puppies under 1 year old, they will need to be fed frequently. And for dogs over a year old, you can feed them 1-2 times a day.

– Offer good quality food or make your own.
– Check if there are any symptoms of a dog allergic to the food you give him.
– Do not give food that makes the dog allergic.
– Do not give foods high in sugar, fried or human.
– Feeding according to a predetermined schedule, this dog is an animal that likes a constant routine.

4. Give to drink

In addition to providing food every day, no less important is to give the dog fresh water to drink. These dogs need a lot of water to drink when they are thirsty. And you can also add ice to the drink in hot weather. And don’t forget to change your drink every day.

5. Remove the water

Besides being inside the house, you should also train the dog to defecate outside the house. You can train him as soon as possible. However, when the dog is an adult, here are some tips you can do:

– Take the dog out of the house every day, accompany him when he wants to defecate and feed him after he can defecate properly.
– When the dog shows that he wants to go to the bathroom, you can show him the door by saying to come out. Or you can also lift the dog’s paw and take him out immediately.
– Do the above every day until the dog can urinate properly. So don’t forget to reward him.
– Avoid hitting the dog on the buttocks when you are angry about urinating in the house. Because it can cause stress for the dog.

6. Sport

One way to deal with dogs that have difficulty eating is to exercise. This exercise will also help the dog to stay healthy. Take him for a walk at least once a day and give him toys around the house so that he is well stimulated.

– Make sure the dog is exercising which may tire him a bit.
– You can invite him to play tug of war to practice socialization.
– Give a hug to bond between you and the dog.

7. Play

In general, this dog has a very good character and can play with young children. But there are also dogs that like to bite or even scratch while playing, so they need to be trained. Train the dog not to bite. Reward him when he can play it safe and ignore him when he starts biting. Later, the dog will learn when good behavior is fun.

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