Six Uses for a Hair Dryer – Besides Drying Wet Hair

A hair dryer is a ‘must have’ grooming item, but few of us realize that a hair dryer is a multi-use item, capable of doing much more than just drying wet hair. Next time the kids draw a crayon picture on the wall, candle wax spills or one of these other four things occur, grab that hair dryer and solve the problem.

Remove Crayon Marks from the Wall

conair 1875 hair dryerKids, crayons and a wall. You know what is going to happen, now how to remove the crayon marks from the wall? Crayons are made from wax, grab the hair dryer and turn it on the crayon marks to melt the colored wax on the wall and wipe clean with a damp sponge.

Turn the Hair Dryer Heat on Spilled Candle Wax

Did a burning candle get forgotten about until the candle wax overflowed the candle holder and spilled out onto a furniture surface or counter top? Don’t try to scrape up the hardened candle wax and risk ruining the surface, melt the spilled candle wax first with a hair dryer. Turn the heat on high and aim the hair dryer at the candle wax until it melts, then wipe up with a dry paper towel followed by a damp sponge for complete removal.

Remove Wrinkles from Plastic Table Cloth or Shower Curtain

New plastic table cloths and shower curtains have unattractive fold marks on them from packaging. Freshly laundered or stored plastic table cloths and shower curtains have tons of little wrinkles and crinkles in them. Use a hair dryer to ‘iron’ those wrinkles out and make the plastic smooth. Place the plastic table cloth or shower curtain on a flat surface or hang up, then hold the hair dryer about 12 inches away from the plastic, turn it on high and the heat from the hair dryer will relax and smooth out all the wrinkles in the plastic.

Dust Tall Furniture with a Hair Dryer

Those hard to reach places that collect dust, like the tops of book cases and tops of armoires, can easily be dusted by turning the hair dryer on them. Use the coolest setting on the hair dryer and aim the air towards the dust. Certainly this dusting method will blow the dust onto lower furniture surfaces, but the dust will be in an easy to reach location.

Un-stick the Pages of a Photo Album with a Hair Dryer

Pages of plastic covered photo albums often get stuck together after being stored, photos will become stuck together too, a hair dryer will un-stick them without damage to the photos. Turn the warm air of the hair dryer on the photo album pages or photos and gently work the pages or photos free from each other as they warm up.

Set and Shine Cake Frosting or Icing With a Hair Dryer

Picture perfect cake frosting or icing is achieved with a hair dryer. After frosting a cake (cookies or cupcakes) turn the hair dryer on at it’s coolest setting and let the cool air set the cake frosting or icing. If the cake frosting or icing looks dull, give it a blast of hot air from the hair dryer to add the shine.